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A Workman Approved...

Be dilligent to present yourself approved to God,

a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth

- II Timothy 2:15



















Beginning in January we turned our attention to the Old Testament book of First Kings and the account of God's people as they struggled to serve the Lord who saved them and loved them as a bride.


May God be glorified and His people encouraged by the study of His word!

I Kings

Abraham & Joshua - Setting The Stage

David's Life & Chapter 1:1-40

The Judgment of Adonijah

David's Final Words to Solomon (This is not the original recording. This comes from a youtube video available here. I'd skip forward about 30 minutes if I were you...)

God's Blank Check - I Kings 3 (Part I)

A Proper Conversation With God - I Kings 3

Solomon's Kingdom - I Kings 4

Preparations for God's Temple - I Kings 5

Solomon Builds God's Temple - I Kings 6

The Altar, The Cross, & The Grave (Easter)

Temple Furnishings & Solomon's Errors

The Lampstand(s)

Dedicating the Temple (The Dangerous Glory of God)

The Rise and Fall of Solomon

Me & My House Will Serve Ourselves

Mother's Day - Proverbs 31

A Moldy Bread King Sandwich

The Backlash Begins

Kingdom Trajectories Set

The Mystery Men of God

Jeroboam and Rehoboam

War & Peace & Victory in Jesus

Ahab & Elijah - Two VERY different men

Life in the Cherith Ravine

Elijah & the Widow Woman

The Showdown on Mt. Carmel

The Valley After The Mountaintop

The Still Small Voice of God

Ahab & Ben-Hadad

Ahab's Weak-Sauce Repentance

Ahab and Jehoshaphat

Micaiah and the Prophets

The Deaths of Ahab and Jezebel















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